Matthew Soldier: The Importance of Family

Matthew Soldier comes from a big family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and his family life is very important to him.

“I have ten siblings, and I only live with three of them at the moment,” he says. “I do my best to guide and watch over them so they don’t make the same mistakes I did when I was a kid growing up.”

All of his siblings give Matthew Soldier a sense of belonging. He had many challenges growing up and managed to overcome them, which is why he has such a strong desire to watch over his younger siblings and see that they learn from his mistakes.

That is one of the most important functions of a family, Matthew Soldier says: teaching its members about the challenges they are going to face in life. Some of the challenges in life, he has explained to his younger siblings, are easier to overcome than are others. Although he is only twenty-two years old, life has already taught Matthew Soldier many lessons of great value, which is does his best to impart to his younger siblings each and every day.

As Matthew Soldier knows being part of a family is more valuable than anything else imaginable. It is the most important thing in the puzzle of life. Even though sometimes Matthew Soldier has disagreements with his younger siblings, and they yell and fight with each other, he knows that they have never stopped loving each other, and that disagreements, even strong ones, are just a part of life.

Above all else, Matthew Soldier knows that his family is always there for him, and the thing that he can count on when he can’t count on anything or anyone else. And his younger siblings can always count on him.


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