Matthew Soldier: Weight Training

Matthew Soldier works at the FXR Warehouse in his native Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he is known as a reliable and responsible young man. He is also known as a guy who is physically fit and able to lift heavy objects, something that he has to do from time to time working in a warehouse.

One of the reasons that Matthew Soldier can lift heavy objects without too much trouble is that he has a lot of practice, since he works in a warehouse. He can’t help but get stronger. But he also enjoys working out. He exercises regularly, enjoys running, and is into lifting weights.

As Matthew Soldier knows, there are a lot of benefits to weight training, aside from getting stronger. He has found that it has increased his work capacity and his ability to work harder and longer. Weight training can also promote a fat-free body mass, and the strength of the connective tissues. In short, he has found that lifting weights on a regular basis can improve his overall quality of life.

Anytime someone begins a weight training regimen, says Matthew Soldier, it is advisable to start slow and build up the number of reps and amount of weight over time. That will minimize the chances of being injured or getting really sore from the workout. He also says that you shouldn’t lift every single day; it’s important to give your muscles a chance to rest and recover. He says that ideally you should wait at least forty-eight hours before you train the same group of muscles again.


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