Matthew Soldier’s Favorite Hobbies

Matthew Soldiers is a twenty-two year old entrepreneur who has supported a lifestyle of many hobbies. He is smart, athletic and business-minded, which all reflect in his skills of individual prowess as well as strength and leadership. Below, he shares what some of his favorite hobbies are, and how they have helped develop him into the man that he is today.


In order to keep his mind sharp ad his abilities to strategize sharper, Matthew Soldier plays chess on the internet. As a member of, e gets the ability to challenge people from all over the world and gain knowledge about the way that others think and strategize in this classic game. With a player level that is in the 1400’s, he has established himself as a decent player who has an even record against opponents who vary in rankings.


Football is another passion of Matthew Soldier’s; and it is something he had deep involvement in throughout his teenage years. He played in the North Winnipeg Nomads Football Cub as well as the Rods Football Club, both of which he founds to be essential in his social and physical development. The sport has helped him stay fit, healthy and in the company of people who he shares a sense of camaraderie with.


As a part of his interest in football as well as his devotion to an athletic lifestyle, Matthew Soldier also does running and weight training on his own to maintain a good physique as well as cardiovascular health. He is also a big fan of martial arts who enjoys muay thai and judo.


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