Matthew Soldier – Winnipeg Proud

Matthew Soldier is a proud native of Winnipeg, the largest city in the province of Manitoba, Canada. He is a proud native of the area and has spent his entire life within its city limits. That isn’t to say, however that he has only lived in one place. He has lived all over the city, and has lived in most of its neighborhoods. And through that he has gained much knowledge about the inner workings of his city.

He has gained many perspectives of his home area, one of which stands out to him the most. Throughout his amateur football career, he played against teams from all over the area, and that was where he got his first comprehensive tours of the different neighborhood cultures in Winnipeg. While playing in the Nomads Football Club as well as Rods Football Club, he gained a sense of camaraderie with people of many different areas and got a first-hand glimpse of how people live on the other sides of town.

Because he is an involved Winnipeg local, he is aware of some of the issues affecting the area, and he workings to help resolve the very problems that challenge the quality of life in his home town. One of those issues is prejudice, which he says varies depending on what neighborhood you are in. He says the ones with the least prejudice are a model for the rest, as those communities have seemed to flouring in an equal manner. He also works with the Mood Disorder Society to help people cope with their mood disorders.


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