Matthew Soldier – Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Matthew Soldier is a 22-year old entrepreneur who has always appreciated and advocated for a healthy lifestyle. Growing up, he was involved in numerous sports (hockey, football, and baseball), and even played for the local football club. While he moved around a lot in his life, one thing that remained constant was his love for sports.

In recent years, he has discovered mixed martial arts, thanks in part to the growing popularity of the sport. As more than just an avid fan, Matthew Soldier appreciates the fitness benefits that come with training in mixed martial arts. He offers some of these benefits below.

Self Defense

One of the main reasons many people embrace mixed martial arts is the opportunity to learn self-defense. Being able to defend yourself against danger, especially from muggers, is a handy skill that will also enable you face numerous situations without fear.

Overall Fitness

Mixed martial arts training helps you build your strength and cardiovascular system in ways you never thought possible. The plethora of training drills will keep your lungs panting and muscles burning. As Matthew Soldier has witnessed, the training intensity is especially helpful for anyone looking to get in shape quick.


An often underappreciated aspect of mixed martial arts is the ability to keep participants interested. Where some fitness enthusiasts can find the repetitiveness of jogging or cycling boring after a while, mixed martial arts incorporates numerous activities that are bound to keep you happy and motivated for the long term.

Soldier enjoys any opportunity to compete, and can often be found engaging in Judo and Jui Jitsu competitions.


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