Matthew Soldier – Resistance Training Tips

A former football player, Matthew Soldier is an active young man who still maintains a great physique. Part of the motivation to staying in shape is because he harbors ambitions of playing in the Canadian Football League. He knows that playing professional football is an opportunity of a lifetime, and that often teams look for the fittest and smartest players.

To stay in shape, Matthew Soldier frequents his local gym to lift weights. For him, resistance training keeps his strength and core muscles in shape. While he is able to manoeuver around the various contraptions with ease, he often comes across new members of the gym who need a helping hand. Matthew doesn’t shy from helping, and along the way dispenses the following nuggets of wisdom.

Focus on compound exercises

To gain strength and increase muscle, Matthew Soldier advises individuals to focus on compound exercises such as the deadlift, squat, bench press, and overhead press. Such exercises make use of a multiple muscle groups at a time, and thus are able to elicit the most effective muscular response than simple exercises like the bicep curl.

Free weights

While modern advancements in weight training have introduced a number of weight lifting machines and equipment, Soldier advocates using free weights. He knows that while exercise machines make movement much easier, they compromise on an individual’s ability to naturally learn proper form, not to mention hinder maximum improvement in balance and core strength.

“Aim to make use of free weights for all your exercises if you can,” he says.


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