Matthew Soldier – Resistance Training Tips

A former football player, Matthew Soldier is an active young man who still maintains a great physique. Part of the motivation to staying in shape is because he harbors ambitions of playing in the Canadian Football League. He knows that playing professional football is an opportunity of a lifetime, and that often teams look for the fittest and smartest players.

To stay in shape, Matthew Soldier frequents his local gym to lift weights. For him, resistance training keeps his strength and core muscles in shape. While he is able to manoeuver around the various contraptions with ease, he often comes across new members of the gym who need a helping hand. Matthew doesn’t shy from helping, and along the way dispenses the following nuggets of wisdom.

Focus on compound exercises

To gain strength and increase muscle, Matthew Soldier advises individuals to focus on compound exercises such as the deadlift, squat, bench press, and overhead press. Such exercises make use of a multiple muscle groups at a time, and thus are able to elicit the most effective muscular response than simple exercises like the bicep curl.

Free weights

While modern advancements in weight training have introduced a number of weight lifting machines and equipment, Soldier advocates using free weights. He knows that while exercise machines make movement much easier, they compromise on an individual’s ability to naturally learn proper form, not to mention hinder maximum improvement in balance and core strength.

“Aim to make use of free weights for all your exercises if you can,” he says.


Matthew Soldier – Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Matthew Soldier is a 22-year old entrepreneur who has always appreciated and advocated for a healthy lifestyle. Growing up, he was involved in numerous sports (hockey, football, and baseball), and even played for the local football club. While he moved around a lot in his life, one thing that remained constant was his love for sports.

In recent years, he has discovered mixed martial arts, thanks in part to the growing popularity of the sport. As more than just an avid fan, Matthew Soldier appreciates the fitness benefits that come with training in mixed martial arts. He offers some of these benefits below.

Self Defense

One of the main reasons many people embrace mixed martial arts is the opportunity to learn self-defense. Being able to defend yourself against danger, especially from muggers, is a handy skill that will also enable you face numerous situations without fear.

Overall Fitness

Mixed martial arts training helps you build your strength and cardiovascular system in ways you never thought possible. The plethora of training drills will keep your lungs panting and muscles burning. As Matthew Soldier has witnessed, the training intensity is especially helpful for anyone looking to get in shape quick.


An often underappreciated aspect of mixed martial arts is the ability to keep participants interested. Where some fitness enthusiasts can find the repetitiveness of jogging or cycling boring after a while, mixed martial arts incorporates numerous activities that are bound to keep you happy and motivated for the long term.

Soldier enjoys any opportunity to compete, and can often be found engaging in Judo and Jui Jitsu competitions.

Matthew Soldier – Winnipeg Proud

Matthew Soldier is a proud native of Winnipeg, the largest city in the province of Manitoba, Canada. He is a proud native of the area and has spent his entire life within its city limits. That isn’t to say, however that he has only lived in one place. He has lived all over the city, and has lived in most of its neighborhoods. And through that he has gained much knowledge about the inner workings of his city.

He has gained many perspectives of his home area, one of which stands out to him the most. Throughout his amateur football career, he played against teams from all over the area, and that was where he got his first comprehensive tours of the different neighborhood cultures in Winnipeg. While playing in the Nomads Football Club as well as Rods Football Club, he gained a sense of camaraderie with people of many different areas and got a first-hand glimpse of how people live on the other sides of town.

Because he is an involved Winnipeg local, he is aware of some of the issues affecting the area, and he workings to help resolve the very problems that challenge the quality of life in his home town. One of those issues is prejudice, which he says varies depending on what neighborhood you are in. He says the ones with the least prejudice are a model for the rest, as those communities have seemed to flouring in an equal manner. He also works with the Mood Disorder Society to help people cope with their mood disorders.

Matthew Soldier’s Favorite Hobbies

Matthew Soldiers is a twenty-two year old entrepreneur who has supported a lifestyle of many hobbies. He is smart, athletic and business-minded, which all reflect in his skills of individual prowess as well as strength and leadership. Below, he shares what some of his favorite hobbies are, and how they have helped develop him into the man that he is today.


In order to keep his mind sharp ad his abilities to strategize sharper, Matthew Soldier plays chess on the internet. As a member of, e gets the ability to challenge people from all over the world and gain knowledge about the way that others think and strategize in this classic game. With a player level that is in the 1400’s, he has established himself as a decent player who has an even record against opponents who vary in rankings.


Football is another passion of Matthew Soldier’s; and it is something he had deep involvement in throughout his teenage years. He played in the North Winnipeg Nomads Football Cub as well as the Rods Football Club, both of which he founds to be essential in his social and physical development. The sport has helped him stay fit, healthy and in the company of people who he shares a sense of camaraderie with.


As a part of his interest in football as well as his devotion to an athletic lifestyle, Matthew Soldier also does running and weight training on his own to maintain a good physique as well as cardiovascular health. He is also a big fan of martial arts who enjoys muay thai and judo.

Matthew Soldier: A People Person

Matthew Soldier was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has spent his entire life there. He says that over the years he has probably lived in just about every Winnipeg neighborhood there is, and that he is particularly fond of the city’s West End.

For now, Matthew Soldier is working at the FXR Warehouse in Winnipeg, but he has greater aspirations in life. “My goal in life is to become financially free,” he says. And part of his strategy is learning about becoming an entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurship is all about meeting people and showing people they can be financially free, and live the life they want,” he says.

And so Matthew Soldier has always like to meet new people and make new friends. He says that in his opinion, it isn’t as easy for people to make friends as it once was, back before he was born. He has a Facebook page, and has plenty of Facebook friends on it. But he says as fun an interesting as that can be, it is no substitute for living and breathing friends and getting together with them face to face.

Even that can have its drawbacks to a person as people-oriented as Matthew Soldier. He says that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same group of friends who know all your best and worst points, laugh at all of your jokes, and keep us in our comfort zones. He believes that it is important to always stretch his boundaries and break out of his comfort zone, because it is the only way to keep growing as a person and to achieve the goals that he has set out for himself in life.


Matthew Soldier: The Importance of Family

Matthew Soldier comes from a big family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and his family life is very important to him.

“I have ten siblings, and I only live with three of them at the moment,” he says. “I do my best to guide and watch over them so they don’t make the same mistakes I did when I was a kid growing up.”

All of his siblings give Matthew Soldier a sense of belonging. He had many challenges growing up and managed to overcome them, which is why he has such a strong desire to watch over his younger siblings and see that they learn from his mistakes.

That is one of the most important functions of a family, Matthew Soldier says: teaching its members about the challenges they are going to face in life. Some of the challenges in life, he has explained to his younger siblings, are easier to overcome than are others. Although he is only twenty-two years old, life has already taught Matthew Soldier many lessons of great value, which is does his best to impart to his younger siblings each and every day.

As Matthew Soldier knows being part of a family is more valuable than anything else imaginable. It is the most important thing in the puzzle of life. Even though sometimes Matthew Soldier has disagreements with his younger siblings, and they yell and fight with each other, he knows that they have never stopped loving each other, and that disagreements, even strong ones, are just a part of life.

Above all else, Matthew Soldier knows that his family is always there for him, and the thing that he can count on when he can’t count on anything or anyone else. And his younger siblings can always count on him.

Human Rights

Matthew Soldier is a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he has lived for his entire life. “My favorite place to live in Winnipeg would have to be the West End,” he says, “mostly because I feel it’s the least racist or prejudiced.”

Opposition to racism and prejudice is important to Matthew Soldier, who has always been committed to equality and human rights. “All I want is for the best for everybody, especially the ones I care about,” he says. Human rights, he believes, are those most basic rights and freedoms that are the birthright of every person in the world, and it pains him to know that these basic human rights are violated for countless millions of people each and every day.

As Matthew Soldier knows, modern ideas about human rights date back to the years immediately after World War Two, when the entire world was reeling from the realities of the Holocaust. In an effort to prevent such a human catastrophe from happening again, the newly formed United Nations adopted the University Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. It was the first time that the fundamental rights shared by all human beings the world over had been codified and set down on paper.

Those rights include core principles like the right to dignity, equality and respect, and they led to a series of International and regional human rights treaties. Other human rights include such core principles as autonomy. And Matthew Soldier says that they are as relevant today as they ever were, because they protect the freedom to control one’s own life, which is something that must never be taken for granted.